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The Detective Pikachu trailer is full of Pokémon Easter eggs

The little things you might have missed in the live-action Pokémon movie’s debut

Detective Pikachu movie poster Warner Bros. Pictures

The Detective Pikachu trailer is here, and it’s chock full of two things: ultra-realistic Pokémon and tiny references to various parts of the series. From additional monsters, to regions and more, we’ve rounded up the Easter eggs to keep an eye out for upon your umpteenth rewatch of the trailer. (And if you’re looking for every Pokémon in the trailer, we got you covered, too.)

The movie poster

Detective Pikachu movie poster Warner Bros. Pictures

We’re going to start with something attached to the trailer, but not in the trailer itself. The first official poster for Detective Pikachu has so many Easter eggs to pore over. Here’s the list of what we’ve noticed:

  • A sign for the Eevee Salon, with Eevee’s tail attached
  • A strip of ads for Moomoo Milk; Johto Sport Club; a place called Charizard; Poké Mart; Berry Juice
  • A sign for a gym called Machamp’s
  • Signs for stores called Unove Style, J. Puff and, much smaller, Lickitung
  • A marquee advertising a Mr. Mime show

Ryme City is full of Pokémon billboards

Detective Pikachu - wide shot of Tim walking into Ryme City Warner Bros. Pictures

Maybe “billboards” isn’t the right word, but in the first shot of the trailer, you can see big signs of the following Pokémon: Victini, Wooper, Petilil, and, a little more obscured, Goomy.

A Pokémon parade with costumed balloon handlers

Detective Pikachu - Psyduck and Lucy by a car, with Jigglypuff and Gengar in the background Warner Bros. Pictures

Gengar and Jigglypuff balloons can be seen in the next shot, seemingly ready to fly in a parade. On the ground alongside them are handlers dressed as Squirtle and Gengar, with a man dressed as Bulbasaur also walking into frame.

Tim Goodman’s bedroom: a Pokémon fanboy’s dream

Detective Pikachu - Tim sitting in his bedroom Warner Bros. Pictures

Tim Goodman, the 21-year-old human lead of Detective Pikachu, is clearly a big Pokémon fan. He’s got a ton of posters from championship Pokémon matches scattered across his room, including:

  • Posters of Blastoise and Charizard, respectively, advertising championship battles at the Cerulean Arena
  • An ad for a match between Hypno and Dragonite (note that tickets cost three Poké Money, the currency used in the Pokémon world)
  • A poster from the aforementioned Johto Sports Club, featuring Articuno and Steelix
  • A poster that shows Charizard, Blaziken and Flygon in a three-way battle
  • A big advertisement for the 24th Sinnoh Championships
  • A poster of Reshiram and Zekrom fighting

Tim also has a headboard that looks like Pikachu’s ears.

Not a reference, but a good goof

Detective Pikachu - Tim holding a one-way Ryme Cityrail ticket Warner Bros. Pictures

This isn’t an explicit reference to the Pokémon universe, but it’s my favorite sight gag in the trailer. The one-way ticket that Tim has to Ryme City, where most of Detective Pikachu takes place, lists his departure stop as Leaventown. Get it? He’s leaving town — and that town is Leaventown. I love it. (There’s also the idea that leaving references a big concept in Pokémon: evolution, which is sure to be a key theme in the movie too.)

Unown appearances

Detective Pikachu - Tim, Pikachu, Lucy, and Psyduck on the ground looking up Warner Bros. Pictures

The Unown alphabet is used occasionally in this trailer. We see the letter H on a sign among the bustling Ryme City nightlife, and Tim later wears a shirt with the letter O on it.

One last poster

jigglypuff in detective pokemon trailer Warner Bros. Pictures

When Jigglypuff makes its first appearance, there’s another poster for a battle behind it. It’s advertising a big match between a Machamp and a Primeape.

Spot anything we may have missed? Drop it into the comments, and we’ll be sure to add it to the post.

Detective Pikachu is due in theaters May 11, 2019.