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Every live-action Pokémon in Detective Pikachu

It’s not just lil hairy Pikachu getting the photorealistic treatment

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Detective Pikachu is bringing Pokémon to the real world for the very first time. While we can all enjoy the AR camera in Pokémon Go and the 2016 Pokémon Super Bowl commercial, this is the first-ever feature-length, live-action Pokémon movie. And it’s not just Pikachu getting the live-action treatment — Pokémon from all generations appear in this movie.

Here’s what we spotted:

Flabébé, Comfey, Fearow, Braviary, Dodrio, Bouffalant and Charmander ... oh my!

Detective Pikachu - wide shot of Tim walking into Ryme City Warner Bros. Pictures

The opening scene of the first trailer gives us fast glances at a bunch of Pokémon in the area. Right away, we know we’re in the Pokémon world, and it is chockfull of Pokémon. We see a Comfey floating among some of the Flabébé in the very beginning of this scene, as well as Fearow in the air and Braviary on the ground. Walking along the street, we spy a Dodrio and a wee little Charmander in the bottom-left corner. There’s also a Bouffalant lurking in the crowd.

Psyduck (and Gengar and Jigglypuff)

Detective Pikachu - Psyduck and Lucy by a car, with Jigglypuff and Gengar in the background Warner Bros. Pictures

The first Pokémon in focus is this Psyduck plodding alongside the lead female character Lucy (Kathryn Newton), a junior reporter following her first big story.

There’s no actual Gengar seen in the trailer, but a parade balloon in the shape of one can be seen in a background shot. There’s also a Jigglypuff balloon, fitting for the “Balloon Pokémon.” Is there a celebratory Poké-parade in this world? Does it have to do with Thanksgiving at all?

Here’s another, closer picture of the Psyduck later on in the trailer — check out those eyes! That bill!

Detective Pikachu - Lucy, Psyduck, Pikachu and Tim inside a car Warner Bros. Pictures


Detective Pikachu - Pikachu hiding behind a nightstand Warner Bros. Pictures

Ah yes, there he is. The Pokémon of the hour: Detective Pikachu in all his furry glory. Voiced by Ryan Reynolds, this Pikachu’s more about crime-solving than battling, relying on his wits and deductive reasoning to get the job done.


Detective Pikachu - Ryme City street with food carts at night Warner Bros. Pictures

A group of Emolga can be seen clustered on top of the food stalls towards the left in this crowded market. You can also see an Audino towards the right. (And in the middle of the crowd, three distinct Dodrio heads peep out towards the back again.)

Squirtle and Pancham (posters)

Detective Pikachu - missing posters for Pancham and Squirtle Warner Bros. Pictures

A collection of posters shows a missing Squritle and Pancham. What happened to them?!

Bulbasaur and Morelull

This lovely pastoral scene shows our heroes Tim and Detective Pikachu following a herd of Bulbasaur crossing a river, as some Morelull drift around them. How picturesque!


An angry Jigglypuff stands on top of a table in what looks like a dingy little diner, and it’s definitely ready to throw down after being interrupted from its singing. We’ve learned from the anime: Don’t you dare interrupt Jigglypuff once it starts to sing.

Machamp and Primeape (poster)

jigglypuff in detective pokemon trailer Warner Bros. Pictures

Blink and you’ll miss it. In the background of the Jigglypuff scene, we can see a poster on the left advertising some sort of showdown between these two fighting types.


It’s big! It’s scaly! It’s Charizard fighting in some sort of battle arena! While the quick glimpses we got of Charmander didn’t really show off its scales, we can definitely see the reptilian features in the Charizard.

The close-up especially shows off the scales on this big fella.

Detective Pikachu - Pikachu falling toward Charizard Warner Bros. Pictures


A group of Greninja attacks, slashing their slimy fingers across the camera. Catch a look at their long tongue scarves! Greninja, it appears, travel in packs and ambush unsuspecting passerby.

Rufflet and Squirtle

Detective Pikachu - Tim, Pikachu, a Squirtle and a bunch of other people behind a fence Warner Bros. Pictures

This crowd — presumably watching a Pokémon match — has a Rufflet toward the left and a Squirtle standing on something toward the right.

Mr. Mime

Detective Pikachu - Mr. Mime pantomiming in an interrogation room as Tim and Pikachu look on Warner Bros. Pictures

Mr. Mime is already one of the more ... peculiar of the Pokémon designs. Seeing it rendered in live-action is a particularly peculiar experience. We never realized its shoulder-ball-things were so textured. Its eyes! The wrinkles around its eyes! There’s a lot of Mr. Mime happening.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Ah, yes. Lickitung. Spotted in the third teaser, Lickitung unfurled its very long tongue (up to 6-and-a-half feet when fully extended according to the Pokédex!). That’s a lot of tongue! So much tongue!


This loyal Snubbull accompanies Detective Yoshida (Ken Wantanabe). Don’t let the grumpy face fool you — this Snubbull is a loyal companion and friend.


Warner Bros. Pictures

These little fellas scurry across the wires in the early moments of the second trailer. It’s hard to tell what they are, but given their vague shape and their perch on the electrical wires, the electric-bug type is a good guess.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Ludicolo serves Detective Pikachu some coffee. Just look at those eyes! Those eyes! There’s also a lot of texture in that leaf. There is just a lot to Ludicolo.

Golurk, Growlithe, Arcanine, Squirtle, and Charmander (and Slaking)

Hardy Pokémon serve the police station. In the anime, Officer Jenny has a Growlithe and the Fire-type canine-like Pokémon help fight crime. The Golurk appear to provide security. You can also spot a Squirtle and Charmander outside. In the top right corner, a Slaking lounges.

Machamp, Snorlax, and Pancham

Warner Bros. Pictures

A strong, sturdy Machamp helps direct traffic. (Let’s take a moment to remember that Machamp’s loin area is not a cloth; that’s just how its skin looks). Snorlax, as usual, slumbers in the street. A Pancham peers from around a street sign.

Noctowl (in sign form)

Warner Bros. Pictures

The owl-like Pokémon is the perfect mascot for a late-night café.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Naturally, the loud Pokémon would help to DJ an event. These dudes appear to be announcers at some sort of underground Pokémon fighting ring — a scary reminder of the realities of the Pokémon world.

Gengar, Blastoise, and Magikarp

Warner Bros. Pictures

A frenzied fighting scene pits a gang of Gengar against a lone Blastoise. Under the tower of Loudred, you can spot a tank with a Magikarp swimming around.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Cubone ejects from a Pokéball, ready for battle! The Pokédex says that Cubone wears the skull of its mother, which is kinda depressing, but it’s unlikely that Detective Pikachu will dive in deep on that mythos.


detective pikachu - aipom Warner Bros. Pictures

Those teeth! Those really human teeth! Ah! A group of Aipom attack Tim and Detective Pikachu. What do they have against the pair?


Warner Bros. Pictures

We have some theories as to what this Flareon is doing on a desk, surrounded by a blue glow. But that’s for a whole other piece. Just look at how fluffy it is!

Rattata and Treecko

Warner Bros. Pictures

This scene is full of Pokémon we’ve seen before, but we can spot two new ones as well. In the bottom left corner, a wee Rattata stands on its hind legs and in the top right, a little left of the Pancham and above the Charmander, a Treecko sits.

Clefairy, Octillery, and Audino

Warner Bros. Pictures

Starting from the bottom left corner, a little pink blob could be a Clefairy (it’s a little ambiguous and could be a Jigglypuff, but the ear shape might be an indicator). Right before the middle panel, spot an Octillery. The middle panel contains an Audino. All of them are about to watch Detective PIkachu get his butt kicked.


mewtwo in detective pikachu Warner Bros. Pictures

Mewtwo looks distinctly fleshy. So smooth. So naked. So powerful. Mewtwo has never been a cute or cuddly Pokémon and my goodness, there is nothing cute or cuddly about photorealistic Mewtwo.


Warner Bros. Pictures

A teaser in the form of a casting video gave us lots more Pokémon. In addition to a close-up look at Dodrio, a large Venusaur lumbers.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Why does Eevee look like it has a crew cut? Who knows! It’s just real fluffy and adorable.

Squirtle (Again)

Warner Bros. Pictures

We saw Squirtle earlier in the background, but this one is a nice, close-up shot of a very good boy whom I love very very much.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Another Hollywood cat to capture our hearts. Look at this elegant diva.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Sneasel is very furry. The original design seems more sleek, but then again it is an Ice-type, so insulation is important.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Look at this good fella. Look at the fluffy feathers. Look at those eyes.


Warner Bros. Pictures

A strong friend. Dependable. Solid. Ready to protecc and attacc.


Warner Bros. Pictures

I didn’t realize a little lizard could be so sassy. The bold poses, the strut — we stan Trecko.


Warner Bros. Pictures

Kingler looks very smug. Possibly because it beat Krabby out of the promo.


Warner Bros. Pictures

A trailer set to a beautiful rendition of “What a Wonderful World” had a majestic Braviary fly through the air. But this Braviary might be a criminal — it has a purse in its beak!


Warner. Bros. Pictures

Pikachu clings to the back of a fast-flying Pidgeot. This birb is on a mission.


Warner Bros. Pictures

A frenzied Bouffalant wreaks havoc in an office setting! Where did he come from? Where will he go?


Warner Bros. Pictures

I, for one, am very proud of this entrepreneurial Octillery (on the right) for running his own food stall. But let’s take a look at the stall right next to his — is it selling TANGELA NOODLES?! Guess we’ll find out!

See any Pokémon in the trailers that we missed? Point ’em out in the comments for some good ol’ Poké-spotting!

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu comes out on May 10, 2019.

Update: We’ve added more Pokémon as they’ve appeared in subsequent trailers for Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

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