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Tetris Effect fans unlock hidden Game Boy-inspired skin with that classic music

Tetris Effect’s hidden, retro-inspired skin is a love letter to the past

Tetris Effect - snowy forest Enhance Games

Tetris Effect is as much about the visuals and music that make each skin unique as it is about the game of Tetris itself, although you certainly dig into the option to recreate a more classical way to play. Fans have recently unlocked a skin that references the game’s iconic Game Boy release, complete with that amazing music.

The new skin appeared after players completed the “Weekly Ritual,” a system in the game that gives the entire community a goal to accomplish collectively. In this case, doing so unlocked the “1989” skin for the past weekend, although you can unlock it for unlimited play by hitting level 50 in the game.

You can watch the skin in action in the tweet below:

These skins, in which the music and visuals move in time to your actions, are a big part of what makes this such a satisfying update to the original puzzle game.

Tetris Effect isn’t simply a game about pattern optimization and reflex-based puzzle solving,” Michael McWhertor wrote in our review. “It excels at being an experience, one that I will argue is best played on its easiest difficulty level to enjoy untainted by the bitter taste of a “game over.” I enjoy the challenge of perfecting a run, but Tetris Effect resonates more deeply than its high score-oriented roots.”

I’m a big fan of playing in VR, personally, but Tetris Effect remains a stunning game on a standard display. Who knows what other surprises will be unlocked in the coming weeks?

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