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Multiplayer-only Warhawk for PS3 gets three-month stay of execution

Will now shut down in January 2019

warhawk for the ps3 Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, originally scheduled to terminate online multiplayer support at the end of October, has been given a reprieve to the end of January, along with three other PlayStation 3 games: Warhawk, Sound Shapes and Twisted Metal.

The Jan. 31, 2019 shutdown will most dramatically affect multiplayer-only Warhawk, which won’t be playable unless the PS3 is set to LAN and locally networked with other users. Twisted Metal and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale still have a single-player campaign and local split-screen multiplayer. Multiplayer shutdown for Sound Shapes only affects the ability to share or download community-created levels.

Sony Interactive Entertainment sent the notice out to users with a PlayStation Network account yesterday.

Warhawk (2007) and Twisted Metal (2012) were both reboots of titles that became popular on the original PlayStation. Warhawk was the first game offered both via download and at retail for the PlayStation 3. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was the platform’s take on an ensemble-cast fighter in the mode of Nintendo’s Smash Bros. franchise.

Their cancellation will be followed in March 2019 by Drawn to Death, a multiplayer-only shooter that launched in 2017. It was the last project by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, a studio founded in 2013 by Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe.

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