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How to style your Eevee or Pikachu in Pokémon: Let’s Go!

Those straight bangs ain’t gonna style themselves

Game Freak/Nintendo

One of the most delightful parts of Pokémon: Let’s Go! is bonding with your partner, Pikachu or Eevee. Your new best friend rides around on your shoulder or the top of your hat, toughs out hard battles so you won’t worry about it, learns special techniques so you don’t have to sacrifice a move slot, and gives you adorable high-fives after defeating gyms. The least you can do is spruce it up with some new clothes and hair!

There’s plenty of different outfits for both your trainer and partner Pokémon, as well as unique hairstyles for Pikachu and Eevee’s fur.

How do I dress up my Pokémon?

Opening your bag in the menu will reveal the Clothing Trunk. Select that, and the menu will give you options to dress your trainer and partner Pokémon. Your trainer can swap out their hat, outerwear, pants, shoes and bag. Your partner Pokémon can swap out their hat, glasses, clothes and accessories.

How do I get clothes?

You’ll be given a Sporty set of clothes for both you and your partner right off the bat, and various NPCs will give you different outfits — a sailor will give you a sailor suit before you board the S.S. Anne in Vermillion; a mourning old lady will give you formal wear in Lavender Town’s tower; a spy will give you Team Rocket garb in their underground headquarters in Celadon; friendly staff at Go Park in Fuchsia will give you safari gear, and so on.

Additionally, accessories like bows, glasses and hats can be purchased from the Celadon City department store.

How do I give my Pikachu or Eevee hair?

For this, you’re going to head to the Play screen from the main menu — and make sure that you’re playing in handheld mode, and that your partner Pokémon isn’t wearing a hat. Petting your Pokémon’s fur (yes, Pikachu has a lot of fur) by stroking the screen will ruffle it up in different ways, giving your Buddy some new looks.

Getting a specific hairstyle requires delicate touch and mastered finesse, though if you’re the impatient sort, you can always just swipe the screen repeatedly with both hands and see what you get, sorta like a hairstyle roulette. The trick with all of these motions is not to lift your fingers from the screen. Slow, deliberate motions work better than fast, frenzied ones.

After a bit of swiping, your Pokémon will shake its head, a cloud will cover its face, and poof! It will emerge with a fresh new hairstyle. Here’s all the possibilities and the finagling finger motions you need to get them.

Disclaimer: Pikachu- and Eevee-styling is more an art than it is a science. As such, some of these are simply our best approximations of the finger movements needed — you may find yourself trying again and again to get a specific one, or discovering a hairstyle you didn’t aim for initially popping up.

The first set of hairstyles requires at least two fingers on the screen.

The Spike

betty the pikachu rocks the first style Game Freak/Nintendo

This sleek-and-simple spiky look is the easiest hairstyle to get, as the petting motions are probably the most intuitive; they’re generally how you’d start stroking your Pokémon. Simply take two fingers and move them up and down across your buddy, making sure not to lift them from your screen. This look also pops up when swiping two fingers from left to right.

The Cowlick

pikachu with a cowlick Game Freak/Nintendo

A quirky little look that adds just a touch of pizzaz to the little fella, this can be obtained by swiping two fingers in a clockwise direction. We’ve also had the Cowlick come up by swiping left to right.

The Pouf

pikachu with a poof Game Freak/Nintendo

This puffy look can be obtained by swiping two fingers in slow counter-clockwise circles. You may see it pop up in other circular motions, or if your swipes are more erratic.

The Swoosh

pikachu with a swoosh Game Freak/Nintendo

This stylish swoop is another hairstyle you might get from swiping two fingers in circular motions, or from side-to-side.

The next set of hairstyles requires four fingers on the screen.

The Blunt Bangs

pikachu with BANGS
Betty had a bad break-up and cut her own bangs at 2 am
Game Freak/Nintendo

With how straight these bangs are, it comes as no surprise that moving four or more fingers up and down (or left to right) will grant your buddy a very divisive fringe.

The Faux-Hawk

Game Freak/Nintendo

Rock this edgy look by swiping four or more fingers in circular motions. This look tends to show up while making counter-clockwise circles.

The Curl

Game Freak/Nintendo

Much like its name implies, this style is the result of moving four fingers in circle motions. It’s appeared pretty evenly regardless of clockwise or counter clockwise. The Eevee look is more spiral-shaped than the double-curled Pikachu’s.

The last hairstyle requires both hands!

The Elusive Afro

Game Freak/Nintendo

The afro is difficult to get, and not just because you need to use at least eight fingers. Swiping both hands across the screen will get you a rotation of every aforementioned hairstyle, so getting this specific look requires much trial and error. With both hands on the screen, move the right in a clockwise direction and the left in a counter-clockwise at the same time.

How do I get rid of the hairstyle?

If you run your fingers in the same motion as you just did to create the hairstyle, another cloud will pop up over your partner’s head, and poof! No bangs for Pikachu anymore. As is the way of the touch screen, this might take a few tries.

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