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Once Upon a Deadpool trailer teases a fun bedtime-story version of Deadpool 2

Totally appropriate for everyone over the age of 13

Once Upon a Deadpool brings Deadpool back to theaters for a more family-friendly rendition of Deadpool 2, but he needs to kidnap Fred Savage for it to happen.

In the first trailer for Deadpool 2’s PG-13 cut, the masked mercenary kidnaps actor Fred Savage, aka the little kid from The Princess Bride, whose grandpa reads him a bedtime story. Since this is the cozy, less gory, less swear-y version of Deadpool 2, it’s only fitting that it be framed as a bedtime story.

The new footage of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Fred Savage was filmed with a small crew within a day’s time. While the rest of the movie is just a cleaner version of Deadpool 2, the framing scenes smash through the fourth wall, as Deadpool is known to do.

“I kinda prefer Marvel movies,” says Fred.

“We are Marvel,” counters Deadpool.

For every ticket purchased for Once Upon a Deadpool, $1 will be donated to the charity Fuck Cancer (dubbed Fudge Cancer for this PG-13 cut). It will be in theaters for 12 days, starting Dec. 12 and running through Dec. 24.

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