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The final Aquaman trailer shows Atlantis in all its glory

And shows off the full costume for the first time

The last trailer for December’s Aquaman doesn’t hold back from the spectacular oceanic fantasy, reveling in the grandiose nature of Atlantis and the world that lies beneath the sea.

For the first time, we get a glimpse of what Atlantis was like before it submerged into the ocean and more hints of what’s at stake for Arthur Curry (Jason Mamoa) as he reconciles his ties between the two worlds to fight and unite both of the them. During Arthur’s childhood, Nuidis Vulko (Willaim Defoe) teaches him the ways of the sea and tells him to forget his human half, but Arthur struggles to do so — and that might be the very thing that makes him a great king and hero.

The trailer shows off political intrigue, as the kings and royals of Atlantis plot the hidden realm’s next moves; magnificent underwater cityscapes, with fantastical creatures and glimmering architecture; and giant sea creatures with gaping maws, threatening to devour fast-swimming submarines.

There’s also a last, lingering shot of Aquaman in his full costume, wielding his golden triton, and it is epic.

Aquaman hits theaters on Dec. 21.

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