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The Walking Dead’s final season back in development

Skybound says many former Telltale staffers are resuming development on remaining episodes

Clementine stands armed with a knife as two zombies approach in a screenshot from The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Telltale Games

After being canceled in the wake of Telltale Games’ closure, then revived by Skybound Entertainment, the final season of The Walking Dead episodic video game series is back in development. According to an update from Skybound, “many” of the team members who worked on the game at Telltale are returning to resume development.

Only two episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s four-episode arc were released. Work on the remaining two episodes resumes today, Skybound says, and the final season will go back on sale “ASAP.” Many Telltale games, including The Walking Dead, were recently delisted for sale on Steam.

Skybound says they’ve been doing “a ton of work logistically and legally to get us to a place where we’re able to roll up our sleeves and get to the actual work” on The Walking Dead: The Final Season. And it plans to have details on the remaining episodes soon.

“Soon, we will be announcing release dates for the two remaining episodes,” Skybound social media manager Johnny O’Dell wrote. “It’s likely that previous seasons of the game may be unavailable to purchase for a few days as we transition—but don’t panic!—we’ll have everything back online ASAP. If you already purchased Season Four, you will NOT have to pay again; future episodes will be available to download as soon as they are released via your original point of purchase.”

We’ve reached out to Skybound for additional details on how many ex-Telltale staff have made the transition and how The Walking Dead games will return to online stores.

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