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Kohl’s Black Friday deals include great Xbox One X deal, inexpensive controllers

This is going to be a good Black Friday for hardware deals

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A photo of an Xbox One X console with an Xbox One controller resting on it top panel. Microsoft

All of Kohl’s Black Friday deals are sold out, but you can find a full list of our Cyber Monday deals here.

Black Friday is here with Kohl’s ad showcases all the deals to get you ready for the retail event. There are some pretty good deals inside, although the retailer isn’t known for selling video games or hardware. If you want to get the most out of these deals, however, you’re going to need to understand Kohl’s Cash.

You’ll get $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend between Nov. 19 and Nov. 23, but it can only be spent from Nov. 24 through Dec. 5. So it’s not quite as good as standard discounts, but you can still save some significant money if Kohl’s has other things you were hoping to buy in that timeframe. The Xbox One X deal in particular will save you $100 instantly and also give you $120 on Kohl’s Cash to spend on whatever you’d like at the store later.

There’s also a 15 percent off coupon in the ad that’s good from Nov. 19 to Nov. 23, but the console listings state that the coupon doesn’t apply.

Stores will be open at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 22, but the ad states that timing will vary by location. Be sure to call ahead if you’re trying to snag any of these deals.

Kohl’s best gaming deals:

  • Xbox One S bundle with Minecraft for $199.99 (save approximately $50, earn $60 Kohl’s Cash)
  • Xbox One X PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds bundle for $399.99 (save $100, earn $120 Kohl’s Cash)
  • Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Wireless controllers for $39.99 (save approximately $15, Xbox controller is in-store only)
  • Nintendo Switch bundle with headset and carrying case for $329.99 (save approximately $30, earn $90 Kohl’s Cash)
  • Arcade 1UP 12-in-one mini arcade cabinet with riser for 349.99 (save $50, earn $105 Kohl’s Cash)

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