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Overwatch Lego sets announced, available Jan. 1

Preorders being taken for six kits ranging from $14.99 to $89.99

lego overwatch tracer and widowmaker Lego

At BlizzCon 2018 today, Lego announced six Overwatch building sets will hit shelves with the new year, and are available for pre-order right now.

The sets except for one (Bastion) feature at least two characters from Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter, plus a vehicle to construct. The kits pair off Tracer and Widowmaker; Genji and Hanzo, McCree, Reaper and Solider: 76, D.Va and Reinhardt; Mercy, Winston, Reaper and Pharah; and Bastion in a 602-piece mega-set.

All of the kits are available beginning Jan. 1, 2019. Their features according to a news release:

  • Tracer and Widowmaker’s minifigs (with signature weapons) accompany a mannable drone satellite and checkpoint disc. The set can be combined with the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map kit that includes Mercy, Reaper, Winston and Pharah. That likewise gives minifigs their signature items and weapons, and features a 14-inch Overwatch rocket that separates into two vehicles. Tracer and Widowmaker’s playset is $14.99; Watchpoint: Gibraltar is $89.99.
  • Hanzo and Genji face off in the Hanamura dojo, which includes a Shimada Henchman minifig. The dojo features a weapons stand, health pack, and “2 hidden disc shooters that represent the dragon spirits of each brother.” The 197-piece kit is $19.99.
  • Soldier 76, McCree and Reaper are together in the Dorado Showdown playset, which includes a payload truck (with adjustable hover-wheels), a generator payload and a Dorado-style building with a doorway for the payload truck to pass through. Dorado Showdown is $29.99.
  • D.Va and Reinhardt are standalone mechs both more than five inches tall. Their minifigs can ride in the cockpit, and D.Va’s has a shooting function. This set is $39.99.
  • Bastion, once built, can be posed in recon mode (more than 10 inches tall) or sentry mode (about six inches tall) without rebuilding. This kit is $49.99.

Lego and Blizzard also teamed up for a nine-foot tall, 140,000-piece Lego statue of D.Va on display at BlizzCon 2018 inside the Anaheim Convention Center.

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