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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate explained in less than 8 minutes

An overview of all the modes to look forward to

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is only a few weeks away, which means it’s probably time to get familiar with everything you want to check out on launch day. Today, Nintendo released a comprehensive overview of all the modes, new features and even the number of Pokémon to look forward to on Dec. 7, when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives on Switch.

It’s a helpful, quick explainer for one of the most anticipated games of the year, which is stuffed with more content than any previous Smash Bros. game. It’s especially nice to watch, because we haven’t gotten to spend much time with some of these modes, like Smash Down and Squad Strike. All of them are covered here, and it takes just seven minutes to check them out.

We recently got to play around with Spirits Mode, which is the most exciting element introduced in Smash Bros. Ultimate. While it takes some time to properly understand, both the Spirit Board and the World of Light adventure mode make the most sense when played. But the overview footage certainly helps.

The best part of this video, though? That everyone’s favorite NPC, the Announcer, narrates the entire thing. Love that guy.

For something a little more in-depth (this is just seven minutes long, after all), check out our recent preview of Spirits Mode, as well as our own Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fast facts.

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