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Cammy gets pants in Street Fighter 5, thanks to Resident Evil

New Resident Evil-themed costumes put proper pants on the veteran Street Fighter

Cammy wearing Jill Valentine’s outfit from the original Resident Evil in a screenshot from Street Fighter 5. Capcom

Judging by Capcom’s costumes for Street Fighter’s Cammy over the years, one might conclude that the British special forces operative has an aversion to wearing pants, if she’s not outright allergic to them. It’s become something of a running gag over Cammy’s 25-year international streefighting career.

A new costume coming next week will finally give the Street Fighter 5 version of Cammy more coverage. That costume is based on the outfit that Jill Valentine wears in the original Resident Evil and joins two other Resident Evil-inspired costumes — a Wesker outfit for Urien and an Ada Wong outfit for Kolin — as downloadable content for Street Fighter 5. Those costumes will cost $3.99 each.

Somewhat amusingly, Cammy’s Resident Evil costume has a variation based on Jill Valentine’s appearance from Resident Evil 3 in which she battled zombies ... in a miniskirt and knee-high boots.

Here’s a look at the new Resident Evil-inspired costumes for Street Fighter 5, which will hit alongside a quartet of Christmas-themed costumes for Cody, Blanka, Sakura and Falke.

Some Street Fighter aficionados might point out that Cammy has worn pants before, and they’re right. In Street Fighter 4, Cammy had a few alternate outfits that gave her pants-adjacent legwear, like tights and a latex bodysuit (and an exoskeleton, as part of her bee costume). Capcom also recently gave Cammy a Street Fighter 5 outfit inspired by the PlayStation 2 horror game Haunting Ground; however, the costume does not include pants. Cammy wears chaps, which are definitely not pants, but a thing that goes over pants. Jill Valentine’s pants are real pants — with pockets even!

So, as you can plainly see now, this is a big moment for Cammy.

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