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Boy’s chicken doodle is turned into real Fortnite skin

Tender Defender has arrived

Tender Defender from Fortnite
Epic Games

An eight-year-old boy’s doodle of an imaginary Fortnite skin is now reality, thanks to his dad, an artist and Epic Games.

A few months ago, a Reddit dad posted a picture of his son’s drawing, of a chicken character. The boy, called Connor, added a note: “Dear Fortnite, Please add a skin in Fortnite called the Chicken Trooper.”

Connor’s chicken drawing

The post gained some traction of Reddit, including a more detailed drawing, from artist Etsyturtle2, who renamed the skin “Tender Defender.” Fortnite publisher Epic stepped in and made the chicken skin a reality. It’s now available in the game’s Item Store. The artist and Connor’s family have been compensated by Epic.

Connor’s dad, who posts on Reddit as tfaust10, says the boy is delighted. “We are so excited,” he wrote. “I surprised Connor with the skin and he and his brother loved it. He is sporting a permanent grin. You guys made me the coolest dad alive.”

Thanks to Eurogamer.

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