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Black Friday 2018 gaming deals you can still buy

Cyber weekend is a thing now

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Black Friday has come and gone but for most major retailers that’s just the beginning. Welcome to Cyber Weekend, the two days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when some of the hype has died down and you have a chance to check out some of the deals you missed in the rush to grab a Spider-Man PS4 bundle before it sold out.

Most of the gaming accessory deals are still available, so if you were able to snag a new console, this is a good time to pick up a headset or extra controller. There are also plenty of discounted games to pick up.

Our top picks of the remaining Black Friday deals are below. We’re also continuing to update all of the posts in our Black Friday story stream as products sell out and come back in stock.

Consoles and Hardware

Controllers and Headsets


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