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Mario Tennis Aces’ newest characters: Luma, Boom-Boom and Pauline

Joining the game’s lineup in early 2019 as free DLC

Pauline headlines the the next batch of players coming to Mario Tennis Aces, and the mayor of New Donk City will be joined by sidekicks Luma and Boom Boom.

The news comes from a trailer on Nintendo’s official Japanese-language YouTube channel. They will join the game in the first quarter of 2019, meaning sometime January through March. All three are free DLC.

For those wondering the players’ types, Luma is Technique, Boom Boom is Defense and Pauline is Speed. Otherwise, little is known — we’re not shown their Special Shot animations, just these entrances.

The last character to join the roster was Birdo, and she was made available early, as others were, to those who played an Online Tournament in Mario Tennis Aces. No word yet if these three will preview in the same way.

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