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Splatoon 2’s last content update comes in December

Eight new weapons, two more abilities coming in 4.3.0

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Splatoon 2’s last content update is coming Dec. 5; after that, it will just be balancing and map tweaks and other minor adjustments for post-release support. A Splatoon fan account on Twitter picked apart all of the details and shared what’s coming earlier today.

Update 4.3.0 will be the last one to include new weapons. This one will deliver five, four of which are known — the Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau, Nautilus 79, Custom Explosher and Bloblobber Deco. Whatever it is that’s coming from the Kensa Collection isn’t known or named yet.

Two other abilities will be added: Bomb Defense Up DX, which combines the existing abilities Cold Blooded and Bomb Defense Up and Main Power Up. Main Power Up is weapon dependent; for example, with it equipped, the Aerospray MG increases its ink coverage area, and the Splat Roller increases its damage.

Splatoon 2 fans can still expect more Splatfests and ongoing post-release support until next year; this just marks the end of new in-game content. Splatoon 2 launched July 21, 2017; the first Splatoon, on Wii U, saw free content updates for about six months, with the game’s final Splatfest taking place about a year after its May 2015 launch.

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