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Kill la Kill’s fighting game headed to Switch, too

Two more fighters announced for the lineup

Arc System Works/Trigger

Kill la Kill the Game: IF, the video game adaptation of the anime series, will also launch on Nintendo Switch. Arc System Works, the studio behind the fighting game, announced the platform’s addition to the launch plans this weekend.

The game is due in Japan sometime in 2019. When we previewed it at Tokyo Game Show in September, it was slated only for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Kill la Kill: IF is a 3D arena fighting game that Arc System Works is developing with APLUS.

Arc System Works adapted Dragon Ball Z for the hotly anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ earlier this year. That eventually launched on Switch in September, eight months after its PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One launch.

Four playable characters have been shown so far for Kill la Kill the Game: IF. ArcSys announced two more this weekend: Nui Harime and Ragyou Kiryuuin will join the lineup of playable characters.

For more on what this game looks and plays like, here is 20 minutes of gameplay from a couple of weeks ago:

Update (Nov. 25, 2018): Whoops.

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