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Ralph Breaks the Internet tops all but Frozen for Thanksgiving debuts

Creed II packs a $55 million punch for MGM

Ralph Breaks the Internet - Ralp and Vanellope Walt Disney Pictures

Ralph Breaks the Internet broke through to the second-highest Thanksgiving debut ever, second only to another Disney animated flick (Frozen in 2013) with $84 million at domestic box offices over the past five days.

Also this holiday, Creed II landed a $55 million haymaker for MGM, the best Thanksgiving opening ever for a live-action film (topping 2007’s Enchanted for Disney). Bear in mind these are five-day totals, and both are well outside of the top 100 for opening weekends all-time. Ralph Breaks the Internet’s straight weekend take was $55 million, which still surpassed 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph, which premiered in the first weekend of November.

Creed II’s five-day debut surpassed its predecessor’s $42 million Thanksgiving opening, as well. The Rocky spinoff flick has also grossed more than 2016’s Assassin’s Creed ($54 million), and Creed’s 2002 tour (about $38 million).

Our critic loved Ralph Breaks the Internet, but was less enamored of Creed II.

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