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Popular Japanese mascot Chiitan does her best to recreate Just Cause 4

God, that suit must be filthy by now


Loveable Japanese mascot Chiitan has gained viral fame from a strange amalgamation of adorable looks and Jackass-type antics on YouTube and Instagram. A baby fairy otter with a turtle for a hat, Chiitan represents the city of Susaki in Japan’s Shikoku region while also serving on Tokyo’s tourism board. But that’s not what she’s primarily known for. Chiitan is mystifying — she exudes cuteness in everything she does, even in the face of utter disaster. She’s often seen furiously punching balloons, flipping over a car, attempting to use stilts or beating inanimate objects until she falls over from exhaustion.

In a promotion for Square Enix’s Just Cause 4, Chiitan recreates some of the in-game stunts and feats performed by protagonist Rico Rodriguez. Spanning across four videos, the stunts include flying into a tower of metal boxes, surviving a wind tunnel, leaping across a gap with a grappling hook and using a series of umbrellas glued together to break her fall on yet another assortment of boxes.

We’re not sure what Just Cause 4 gets out of this, but the brave but ill-informed feats fall right into Chiitan’s wheelhouse. Once you start watching Chiitan videos, it’s hard to stop.

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