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Destiny 2 Black Armory: Everything we know Bungie’s next expansion

Exotics, activities and an unforeseen resurrection


Destiny 2’s Season of the Forge started this week, but the Black Armory mini-expansion is still shrouded in mystery. Set to release on Dec. 4, little is known about Black Armory and the content coming in Destiny 2’s Annual Pass. To make things a bit easier for players as they head into the new expansion, we’ve gathered up everything we could find about Black Armory before it release and listed it here.

[Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Black Armory loot and story.]

Guns are already dropping

In Black Armory, certain year-one guns have been brought back with random rolls. Presumably, these returning guns will be able to drop from the Gunsmith once the expansion launches, but for now they’re actually available elsewhere.

In the EDZ and on Nessus, there are a few locations where Forge Centurions will spawn if you interact with a mysterious box that materializes in the environment. While the boxes currently aren’t giving any rewards, the Forge Centurions themselves have a small chance to drop a new Black Armory weapon.

Some players are getting quick drops, while others haven’t been so lucky. These weapons should be far easier to collect starting next week, but for the bored Guardian with new loot on the brain, the video below explains how to collect them.

Four new exotic guns are coming

In the video announcing Black Armory, Bungie revealed all of the weapon exotics coming in Season 5. There are four new weapons and a returning one that we’ll get to in a moment.

As far as the new guns, there seem to be three linked directly to the Black Armory.

Izanagi’s Burden is a kinetic sniper rifle that looks to be from the Japanese branch of Black Armory — the forges were designed after Japanese, Norse and French culture. This sniper rifle’s unique perk is Honed Edge, which allows players with a full magazine of four to hold down reload and smash all four bullets into a single shot, dealing massive damage.

According to Bungie, this weapon can deal comparable boss damage to Whisper of the Worm or Sleeper Simulant — impressive considering that those are both heavy weapons — and one-shot a Guardian in Crucible with a body shot.

Le Monarque — which, would you believe it, means the monarch in French — is a new void bow. Bungie compared this weapon to Thorn, a fan favorite hand cannon that dealt damage over time in Destiny. With Le Monarque, a perfectly timed bow shot will apply a damage over time effect to the target hit. If the perfect shot is also a precision hit, the poison will be dispersed in a cloud, applying the burn to all nearby enemies.

The fusion rifle — affectionately called “the arm blaster” by Bungie, although we prefer to call it “the mega buster” — is the only new exotic we don’t know much about aside from some gameplay. It fits onto the Guardian’s arm and fires a flaming bolt after charging up. This bolt also tracks enemies down and leaves a puddle of flames in its wake. We should learn more about this once Black Armory is released.

The final new exotic doesn’t appear to be tied to the Black Armory at all. Instead, it seems to be a weapon stolen from one of the Barons from Forsaken — perhaps the Mad Bomber or the Trickster. It’s an arc grenade launcher in the heavy slot called Anarchy. But instead of simply popping out grenades to kill enemies, it fires arc traps that rest on the ground and create a current when tied to other arc traps. This gives this gun some great potential in defensive Crucible modes like Countdown or in Horde-like activities, such as the new Lost Forge or Escalation Protocol.

The final exotic in Black Armory is one that we’re pretty excited about — although it’s not entirely confirmed.

Last Word is coming back

Is this Last Word? We think so

Yes. The Western-style, fast-firing hand cannon Last Word from Destiny appears to be back in Black Armory.

Bungie teased that it’ll be back in the video announcing Black Armory, as a hand cannon that looks an awful lot like it can be seen on a Guardian’s hip. But we have a bit more confirmation to pull from than that.

In the API — a way for players to interface with the game’s server database — players have been able to find the Last Word’s main perk: Fan Fire. While the perk was simply called “Last Word” in Destiny, it has the same icon in Destiny 2’s API and does basically the same thing.

For those who never used the Last Word in Destiny, it was a Crucible machine. The gun fires like a typical gunslinger revolver, with the Guardian fanning the trigger and everything. It fires extremely fast and is meant to be shot from the hip.

Last Word-esque sparrow from Eververse

If you still don’t buy that it’s coming back, one of the exotic sparrows you can get from Tess this season looks like it’s modeled after the Last Word, and it would just be cruel if Bungie doesn’t actually add the exotic hand cannon back in.

This quest — titled “The Draw,” which seems to be another hint — won’t be accessible until Jan. 29 of next year and looks to require the Black Armory expansion.

Ada-1 is the vendor


Ada-1 is the new Exo vendor that can be found in the Annex, a new area located in the Tower. She’s not particularly friendly toward Guardians, but she will be partnering with us all the same in an effort to re-build the Black Armory and start remaking the best guns from the Golden Age.

According to players who’ve been able to find the information through either the database or a weird leak on the Destiny companion app, Ada will sell mod components to players for a reasonable price of 25 Gunsmith Materials and three Legendary Shards.

Similar leaks suggest that Ada will have different weapon frames each week for players to pick up and assemble. This seems almost like the Armsday stuff from Destiny, where players could pick out certain guns with certain perks each week and work toward them guaranteed.

As far as her quests go, those have all been datamined. It appears that Ada will send players to collect various materials around the galaxy — including some Destiny-style quests like going to farm obscure enemies located under the game’s first raid or completing specific public events. But once players have a weapon frame and the materials necessary, Ada will send them to one of the lost forges around the world of Destiny, which is where the expansion’s new activity comes in.

Lost Forge is the new activity


There are a few Lost Forges scattered around in Destiny 2 now, and they’ll all open at different times. These are found in some remote areas of planets like Nessus and have small arenas around them. When players are ready to build a weapon acquired from Ada, they can walk up to a forge with three of their friends or simply matchmake into a lobby.

Once the activity starts, it seems like it’ll be a typical wave-based game mode. Guardians will input their materials into the forge and protect it while it builds a weapon just for them. Once the activity is over, enemies will stop spawning and the forge will spit out a fancy new gun.

These forges each open on a schedule, but will likely remain open forever once they release. All three forges and a new lab location — that also looks to be the fourth forge — will be open by the middle of January.

Black Armory adds a new raid, not a lair


While players were originally promised a raid lair — a tiny raid in a similar location to the main raid, Leviathan in the case of Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars — Scourge of the Past will be a full raid in Bungie’s eyes. In a recent blog post, the studio revealed that the new raid will fall between Crota’s End from Destiny and the more recent Last Wish raid in terms of scope and size.

While we don’t have confirmation on this, it seems likely that Scourge of the Past will have its own loot table, completely unique to this raid — something the raid lairs from last year were sorely missing. This new Black Armory raid takes place in the Last City, and isn’t connected to the Dreaming City or Last Wish story at all.

For players eager to chase a day-one completion of Scourge of the Past, Bungie has revealed that the raid will open at 9 a.m. PT and have a recommended power level of 640 — only 10 under the new cap of 650.

Someone is coming back from the dead, and it ain’t Cayde

In what is probably the most surprising datamine of all, the Destiny community has managed to un-earth a massive spoiler hidden in Black Armory.

(We’ve already put a spoiler tag on this post, but be warned: This one is very spoilery.)

In a cutscene found in Black Armory, a ghost wanders around scanning for a new Guardian in the Dreaming City — just like Ghost did for us in the Cosmodrome back in Destiny. When the ghost comes across a body covered by a sheet in a pavilion, it scans and gets excited. It goes into the resurrection animation and creates a new Guardian.

The man under the sheet shoots up, and as his cover falls away it’s revealed that the newest Guardian to fight for the city is in fact Uldren Sov, brother of Queen Mara and killer of Cayde-6.

This is really interesting for a few reasons, but mainly because Guardians do not retain their memories when they’re resurrected — in most scenarios at least. Uldren will likely return to the tower only to be greeted by people that hated him in a past life — like Ikora, Zavala, and us, the Guardians who killed him. Only, Uldren won’t remember why we hate him or the fact that he killed Cayde-6.

This all gets even more interesting when you consider that Cayde-6 left the role of Hunter Vanguard — a currently vacant position — to the Hunter that killed him during the Ace of Spades quest. Based on the way Uldren has always dressed, it seems like that he’ll be a Hunter in his new life as a Guardian, making Uldren Sov the newest Hunter Vanguard — the final decree of Cayde-6.

All of this is, of course, speculation. But seeing a villain like Uldren revived like this is pretty exciting. More will certainly come from this in the future, but for now we can just wonder what the resurrection of Uldren could possibly mean and how it’ll shake the world of Destiny.

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