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Let’s talk about the launch of Battlefield 5

The latest episode of Quality Control

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In Battlefield 5, an Allied player calls for aid on the streets of Rotterdam. EA DICE/Electronic Arts

This week Polygon’s Quality Control podcast takes a deep dive into our twin reviews of Battlefield 5, the latest in the long line of titles from the developers at DICE.

Battlefield 5 is a very broad game, one that includes both a single-player campaign and a myriad of multiplayer modes. That why we broke the project into two full-length written reviews. Charlie Hall is on hand to host, as well as talk about his time in the epic 64-player skirmishes available online right now. His guest, Russ Frushtick, is on hand to discuss his time spent with the single-player campaign. Together, they provide a focused conversation about a troubled product, exploring where it all goes from here. You can read the written reviews at the links below.

Battlefield 5: a rough draft for an excellent multiplayer shooter

Battlefield 5’s bite-sized campaign is more of a whimper than a bang

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Music: “Goodwill” by The Custodian of Records

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