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Bungie reveals how the new power level will work in Destiny 2: Black Armory

Black Armory will increase the power level for all players by 50

In this week’s blog post, Bungie revealed how players will be able to hit power level 650 when Destiny 2: Black Armory arrives next week. This will up the current power level by 50 points, giving the most dedicated Destiny players a new goal to shoot for.

In order to earn items above 600 power, players simply need to own Forsaken, not the Annual Pass and Black Armory. However, Black Armory and other Annual Pass expansions down the line will come with new activities and quests that will give players more weekly opportunities to up their power level in game.

In order to increase power gain at the lower levels, players who are still under 550 power will have a higher chance to earn Prime Engrams — random item drops with high power. Players under power 500 will still be able to increase their power gain with any drops in the world, but the softcap will remain at 500 for everyone else, meaning that those blue weapons and armor won’t be helpful past that point.

For players looking for a new goal, the upcoming Scourge of the Past raid — exclusive to Black Armory players — will be released with a recommended power level of 640. To reach this goal, players can continue doing all of the activities offered in Destiny 2: Forsaken — such as the Last Wish raid — as well as the new powerful options made available in Black Armory.

Destiny 2: Black Armory will be made available for Destiny 2 Annual Pass owners on Dec. 4.

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