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Another free, fan-made P.T. remake pops up

It’s available as a free PC download ... for now

screen from PT fan remake Artur Laczkowski/Twitter

P.T. has returned with a free remake for Windows PC — a “perfect” one, says creator Artur Łączkowski, who uploaded the project to over the weekend — and it may be a good idea to get it while you still can.

The remake shares its name with Konami’s original, iconic demo: Playable Teaser, or P.T. And according to Łączkowski, the download also follows the spirit of the game itself to the letter.

“I hope that my remake of P.T. will wipe up your tears a little,” he wrote on the game’s download page. “Enjoy!”

Anyone who’s played the game, whether or not they downloaded it to their PlayStation 4 before Konami yanked it offline, likely shares Łączkowski’s nostalgic pain. Director Hideo Kojima intended for P.T. to be an introduction for a new project in the works with the publisher, Silent Hills; Konami axed it, and Kojima dramatically cut ties with the company.

Worse still, Konami also removed P.T. from the PlayStation Store, making it impossible to legally download if you don’t already have it on your console. Fan remakes like these are the only opportunity for the unluckier ones of us to readily access this classic horror game.

That being said, Łączkowski acknowledged that Konami tends to kill these fan-made P.T. projects. The game remains available as a free download as of this writing, however.

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