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Brie Larson’s Samus costume sparks fan art of possible Metroid movie

The Captain Marvel actress wants in on a potential live-action Samus

Zero Suit Samus Smash Bros. Nintendo

Though adaptations are all the buzz around Hollywood these days, there’s no Metroid movie currently in the works — but Oscar winner Brie Larson is ready to to take on the lead role, should one get greenlit.

The Captain Marvel actress donned a Samus Aran costume for Halloween, posing with friends dressed as Harry Potter and Waluigi (talk about a crossover), as well as some young fans dressed as Captain Marvel and Ghost Spider.

Larson’s costume prompted reactions from Metroid fans everywhere, who started to speculate about a live-action reimagining of the Nintendo series. A possible Metroid movie by John Woo was in the works back in 2003, with an expected release date of 2006, but Nintendo’s own restrictions on licensing (and hesitation to take on a movie after 1993’s Super Mario Bros.) limited the scope of production, and the movie was canned before it ever got very far.

There aren’t any whispers about Samus Aran hitting the big screen, but if a Metroid movie does ever go to production, Brie Larson already called dibs on playing the bounty hunter, ready to trade one interstellar hero for another.

Naturally, Larson’s enthusiasm for the role spurred fans across the internet to share their fan art of Samus with the actress.

Some even took to their tablets to create Photoshop edits of Larson in the iconic power suit.

She even responded to some of them — put this lady in a power suit, already!

One of the most striking edits is by artist Boss Logic, who created a concept of Brie Larson as Samus, showing off what she’d look like as both Zero Suit Samus and regular-power-suit Samus.

Except for Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds, and a Super Mario movie by the studio behind the Minions franchise, there are no Nintendo-inspired movie adaptations currently floating around, but perhaps this whiff of enthusiasm will get some Hollywood executives rolling. The lead role clearly would go to Larson, so the biggest casting news would be who plays Ridley.

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