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PUBG is getting a new competitive schedule and a Global Championship event

Details on how pro PUBG teams will compete in 2019

a guy dropping from the plane in PUBG PUBG Corp.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. announced its plan to expand the game’s esports infrastructure into a global competition on Tuesday.

The company has already announced the existence of the National PUBG League, in North America, and the PUBG Europe League, which will oversee European competition. These two leagues will be joined by seven others in the regions of Korea, China, Japan, Chinese Taipei/Hong Kong/Macau, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Oceania.

The top performing teams from each of these nine regions will then advance to global competitions, where they will face off against each other. These international events will be held at the end of each of the competitive season’s three phases. After phase one and two, smaller third-party-hosted tournaments will be held for the qualified teams, as well as an All-Star event at some point during the season.

After the third phase of competition, the last of the season, the Global Championship will be held to determine who will claim the title of the best PUBG team in the world. More than bragging rights will be on the line at the Global Championship, however, as the event will also feature a prize pool of $2 million.

Each of the nine global leagues will run within the same time window, as well as feature a standard set of rules, settings and point systems. The matches will be played in squad modes, meaning four players on a team, with 16 teams in each region. The competition will also be held in first-person on both the Erangel and Miramar maps.

According to the PUBG Corp. this new competitive schedule for PUBG professional play will begin sometime in January 2019.

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