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Bungie adds ‘Temporal Surge’ to Destiny 2, a real-money store for old emotes

This temporary store sells previously removed emotes, some of which have been updated

Destiny 2 - Temporal Surge Bungie/Activision

Destiny 2’s Eververse store houses countless cosmetics that refresh at the end of each “season” of content — or about every three months. When a new season starts, the old seasonal content is taken out of commission, and the cosmetics that the Eververse offered are no longer accessible for players to earn. However, with the most recent weekly reset, Bungie added a feature called Temporal Surge, which is meant to help players complete their in-game emote collection if they missed previous seasons. This first Temporal Surge lasts until Nov. 13, when these emotes will become re-retired.

The Temporal Surge is an offshoot of the Eververse store — players simply need to talk to Tess Everis to find it. The first edition offers player emotes, although Bungie made it clear in its post that future events could offer other cosmetics. Unlike when the emotes are available in-season, the Temporal Surge items can only be bought with Silver, Destiny’s real-money currency. Bright Dust, a currency that players can earn and use to purchase Eververse items, has no place in the Temporal Surge market.

During the current Temporal Surge, players can choose from three tiers of emotes. The rare and legendary emotes are exact copies of previous seasons’ retired emotes of the same names. Players who already own these emotes will be unable to re-purchase them from the Temporal Surge store. However, the exotic emotes have been slightly recolored and players who already own the original version of them can still purchase them. Bungie states that this is so the original exotic emotes can “retain their uniqueness” for players who earned them in-season.

Rare emotes cost 200 Silver, legendary emotes cost 500 Silver, and exotic emotes cost 1,000 Silver — for clarity, $10 can buy you 1,100 Silver. It’s unclear when the next Temporal Surge will happen and what kind of cosmetic will be available.

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