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Super Mario Party bundle is a great deal on Joy-Cons

A very good deal for your partying needs

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A minigame in Super Mario Party Nd Cube/Nintendo

If you’ve been waiting until the holidays to grab Super Mario Party, the surprisingly fun Switch entry in the series, Nintendo will have a solid bundle available just in time. A package that includes both a physical copy of the game and a pair of Joy-Cons — one neon green, the other neon yellow — will hit stores on Nov. 16.

The bundle will go for $99.99, which is a serious discount when compared to buying each individual piece alone. That’s generally how bundles go, but here’s the breakdown to really hammer in the deal here: Super Mario Party costs $59.99 on its own, and a pair of Joy-Con controllers retails for $79.99. But the neon green and neon yellow controllers have never been sold together; if you want green, you’d have to buy it with the pink Joy-Con. The neon yellow controllers are sold in a full pair, also typically for $79.99.

Super Mario Party bundle with Joy-Cons Nintendo

Essentially, if you were a hardcore Mario Party fan serious about your Joy-Con color preferences, buying this bundle separately would cost you somewhere around $220 — almost the price of a Nintendo Switch on its own. And even if you just wanted an extra pair of Joy-Cons without being picky about the colors, the $99.99 Super Mario Party bundle stills saves you $40 compared to buying them individually.

With Nintendo deals always hard to come by during Black Friday, this pre-holiday bundle sounds like one of the best buys for the season. Just remember that once you start playing the game, you may end up losing some of your friends in the process — such is the nature of Mario Party.

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