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How do cosmetics work in Battlefield 5?

There are no microtransactions in the game, at least, for now

Battlefield 5’s character customization screen
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Battlefield 5 is here, and one of the questions on players’ minds is what the game’s progression system looks like. After developer DICE had a rough time nailing down the progression and unlockable items in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, it makes sense that players would have some questions.

So, just ahead of the game’s launch, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Battlefield 5’s cosmetics and unlocks.

The Battlefield 5 Armory, where players can purchase new cosmetic items

Items you buy in Battlefield 5 with in-game currency are cosmetic

Following the absolute debacle that was Star Wars: Battlefront 2, everything that can be bought with in-game currency in Battlefield 5 is cosmetic. Cosmetic items can also be unlocked through what DICE calls Shipments, but again none of those items will affect gameplay. You can unlock new weapons and equipment, but only by leveling up each class.

What are Shipments?

Shipments are rewards that Battlefield 5 gives you for accomplishing certain things. Every time you level up, either a class or a gun, you get a small reward in the Shipments tab in the Armory. All of these rewards are cosmetic and most of the time they amount to a new outfit — or piece of an outfit — for a class, or a new pattern for whatever gun you leveled up.

Battlefield 5’s weapon customization, where players can add cosmetic elements to their guns

How do I get more items?

You can level up your classes and guns, or you can buy new cosmetics with the game’s currency, called Company Coin. With Company Coin you can purchase cosmetics in parts — say, pants or a hat for your character — or as a whole, like buying an entire outfit. The same goes for your gun, which you can buy different finishes for either in pieces or as a whole set. Company Coins are unlocked by leveling up, and you don’t get many so make sure you’re spending them on what you really want.

What about real-money microtransactions?

Not surprisingly, we don’t know what exactly real-world money microtransactions are going to look like in Battlefield 5 because they aren’t in the game yet. In fact, they won’t be in the game until sometime after it officially launches. Until then, everything in the game can technically be earned and nothing can be bought.

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