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Battlefield 5’s time-to-kill will be fixed, but not just yet

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EA DICE hears players loud and clear on game’s hottest topic

In Battlefield 5, an Allied player calls for aid on the streets of Rotterdam. EA DICE/Electronic Arts

Battlefield 5’s fast-paced combat is perhaps a bit too fast-paced. Developers at EA DICE yesterday acknowledged the hottest topic facing the game since its Nov. 20 launch — that the time to kill (TTK) and time to death (TTD) are too damn low.

That will be fixed, adjusted, rebalanced or whatever you want to call it, but not immediately — even if it is “one of our high priorities right now,” according to core gameplay designer Florian Le Bihan. That’s because there’s a bunch of stuff tied up in the systems that are currently getting folks killed way too often or too quickly in online multiplayer.

Le Bihan says developers are looking at an experiment (coming “soon”) in hopes of increasing the TTK. New changes will be rolled out globally to everyone, with a new playlist created using the old parameters, so that players and developers alike can compare the two. No word on when that will take place, but it’s on the table.

“The TTD experience is one of our high priorities right now and there are a lot of important and complex pieces that are being investigated to identify any issues in that area, including netcode,” Le Bihan wrote. “We are also expanding the scope of our investigation and improvements to other components that are directly related to the player experience when it comes to getting shot, receiving damage, etc.”

He added that DICE wants to “improve consistency of the gameplay across all platforms, but also consider how we can ensure that latency does not reduce the quality of that experience for all our players around the world.”

The TTK/TTD issue highlighted an update on the Battlefield 5 subreddit yesterday, which also ran down the improvements and balances coming into the update slotted for next week, which will also deliver the Tides of War event.

Changes coming to the game include improvements to the reviving actions, buffing the Medic’s SMG so that it performs better at range, and a slew of other weapon tweaks and adjustments. The Medic was deliberately given a close-range weapon out of the gate, balanced out by that class’ healing skills and smoke grenades. Recon soldiers can unlock one-hit-kill throwing knives, however, which has to be part of the lightning-fast TTK/TTD users are complaining about so far.

Our review called Battlefield 5’s multiplayer a good start that needs plenty of balancing, particularly in long-range gunplay and a buggy medical system. That said, we’ve really enjoyed its team play, calling that better than predecessor Battlefield 1. If you want to try the game on PC for free, DM Electronic Arts’ customer service, and they’ll give you seven days on Origin Access.

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