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Battlefield 5 players are frustrated over this week’s medic challenge

Please accept my gift of healing

Battlefield 5 - medic healing an ally EA DICE/Electronic Arts

EA and DICE recently launched the first week of Tides of War for Battlefield 5. Tides of War mimics the weekly challenges and unlockables of Fortnite, offering an ongoing series of weekly seasonal events. The first week focuses on supplies and fortifications, and if you complete the challenges you can unlock the VGO medium machine gun for the support class.

The game is frustrating many players, myself included, with this week’s health crate challenge. And no one seems to know an effective way of getting it done.

What’s the problem?

“Deploy as a Medic and make sure you’ve equipped the Medical Crate gadget in the Company menu for this challenge,” the official tips page explains. “In Battlefield V, the Medical Crates let your buddies restock with Bandages (instead of creating a healing radius for those close to the crate).”

You have to heal your teammates for 400 points to complete the challenge. There’s no other way forward if you’re following the Medic’s path through the weekly challenge.

Here’s the roadblock
EA via Polygon

The problem comes from the fact that while the challenge description sounds like you’re doing something active, the only control the player has over the situation is choosing where to drop the Health Crate. Other players have to actually pick up the health for me to get any points toward the goal, and I’m competing with medics who are running around the battlefield and throwing health packs directly to wounded soldiers.

All I can do is drop the crate and hope for the best. Players have been littering the text chat with pleas for others to come take their health so they can finish the challenge and move on.

Some players blame the game design, citing this challenge’s difficulty as evidence that health crates aren’t very useful in the game.

“Seriously for the past three hours I’ve been pulling my hair trying to get the one damn challenge that I am currently missing,” one player wrote on Reddit. “After three hours, I’ve only completely 175/200 for the Tide of War challenge. This if fucking ridiculous. There are already so many standard medic crates lying around that nobody bothers to go to yours.”

Other players have suggested underhanded strategies to get ahead.

“I’m a total dirtbag,” another fan wrote, “as I’ve been shooting other medics’ crates and dropping mine.”

People are looking for tips to try to get others to use their crates, while others are wondering if the game itself is broken. Maybe there’s a particular mode that makes it easier? It’s also possible that we all just need to vent a bit to get it out of our system.

This challenge won’t make or break my week, since I can unlock the gun using any of the paths and it’s much easier to just avoid the medic branch for the time being. It’s still frustrating that one of the three paths is so much harder than the other two, and this particular challenge has helped to highlight a very real design flaw in both Battlefield 5 and the challenge structure.

I can increase my chances by destroying other health crates — which helps me but hurts my team — or by spamming the text chat, but in the standard course of the game it can feel impossible to get other players to use my health crates.

If that’s the case, are they really serving their purpose in Battlefield 5? Players should want to use helpful items within the course of a round, but the health crates are too easily overshadowed by medics throwing bandages and reviving fallen players. EA and DICE have found a weak spot in the medic’s load out options, and all they had to do was make its use mandatory.

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