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There is no way to prepare you for this bonkers Fire Emblem trailer

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Finally Fire Emblem Heroes taps into the power of the scream


It’s fair to say that I expected a lot of things going into the latest trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s free-to-play tactical RPG for phones. I expected folks with swords, other folks dropping to their knees in terror, probably a dragon or two. You know, Fire Emblem stuff.

But I did not expect this.

Even if you don’t play Fire Emblem Heroes, I’d strongly recommend you watch this trailer blind. Read no further, just watch it. I know it seems like it starts pretty typical but give it until 40 seconds in before judging.

Uhhhh, yeah. That was ... a choice.

Rather than the chants and harps that make up the usual Fire Emblem soundscape, we get the screamoiest hardcore nu-metal the world has ever seen. And goddamn if it doesn’t work for me.

The trailer heralds the arrival of Book 3 in the Fire Emblem Heroes campaign. The game is closing in on its second anniversary, and this new book introduces a new realm and major villain inspired by The Underworld of Norse mythology.

For completing the first chapter of Book 3, players are rewarded with a free five-star hero in the game (a flying death ninja named Eir). Nintendo also revealed that Heroes will be introducing beast units in the very near future, finally bringing an oft-requested franchise staple to the mobile game.

While we wait for that, we’ll just be waiting this ridiculous trailer on a loop.

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