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Fallout 76 update finally adds push-to-talk on PC, improves CAMP system

The patch will arrive on consoles later this week

Bethesda Game Studio via YouTube
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Bethesda is pushing a large update to the PC version of Fallout 76 today. The beleaguered multiplayer game is receiving a number of quality of life improvements, including push-to-talk, a field of view slider, and upgrades for base building. The patch also includes a litany of bug fixes. Console players should expect to see a similar patch on Dec. 13. The full patch notes are available on Reddit.

PC players should be excited to learn that they’ll no longer have to listen to the ambient noise in the room with whomever they’re playing with online. The new push-to-talk feature will enable a hotkey to open the mic for voice chat. Bethesda is also adding field of view and depth of field sliders. The game will also now support monitors with 21:9 aspect ratios.

Additionally, the CAMP base building system is getting some attention. Small obstructions will automatically be removed from your CAMP site, and if someone has occupied your camp while you’ve been offline you’ll receive a notification. From the patch notes:

If you stay in that world, you can place your CAMP back down for free. If you decide not to place your CAMP and join a new world where your space is unoccupied, it will be automatically placed in its original spot.

Bethesda also says that it’s addressed an exploit that could be used to duplicate items in storage.

For high-level players — those over level 50 — there will also be some changes to progression. Beginning at level 51, players will be able to choose between a new perk card or the ability to reallocate a single attribute point in the game’s SPECIAL system.

The patch is around 3 GB on PC and is being accompanied by some server downtime this morning, making the game unplayable. Bethesda says to expect a 5 GB patch on consoles.

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