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Your Smash Bros. Piranha Plant code may already be hiding in your email

Nintendo obscuring something simple, as usual

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Piranha Plant in pot Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco Studios/Nintendo

If you buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate within the first month of release, you’ll get the game’s first DLC fighter as a bonus. But in order to claim your free, playable Piranha Plant, who arrives early next year, you have to put in a little legwork — and it’s not hard, assuming you actually find your code. And that, somehow, is the hard part.

For those who registered their copies of the game already, you need to look in your inbox for an email from Nintendo. If you use Gmail and don’t see anything in your primary inbox, check the social or promotion tab. Wherever you find it, though, note that there is literally no signifier that this specific Smash Bros. message is anything special.

The subject is “Thank you for your purchase of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” which sounds like a nice thank you note. You’re welcome, Nintendo! This isn’t just a receipt or another piece of future-trash in your inbox. There’s a download code that you must redeem in order to ensure that you’ll get your free DLC.

Email for Piranha Plant DL
There she is — mere seconds away from hitting my trash bin.
Nintendo via Polygon

Redeeming download codes online is a pain in the butt, but there is a way to redeem them through the Nintendo Account website. Otherwise, go copy that code into the eShop.

Boom. Piranha Plant secured. This quick process is somehow just another reminder that Nintendo can sometimes make things more complicated than they need to be. Who among us knew to expect a download code so soon, let alone in a seemingly unspecific email?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s five DLC fighter packs will launch through 2020, and the game is out now.

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