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Pokémon Go holiday event drops gifts for two weeks straight

Two weeks means double the presents

Pokémon Go holiday celebration artwork featuring a number of Sinnoh-region Pokémon. Niantic/The Pokémon Company

The third-annual Pokémon Go holiday event will begin next week, rounding out a very long year with a series of gifts for players. From Dec. 18 through Jan. 2, 2019, almost everything in the game is doubled — from candy to experience points — and special Pokémon will arrive alongside them.

Spinning a PokéStop each day will reward players with an Incubator, to use with the increasingly common seven-kilometer Eggs that will be doled out during the campaign. Players will also receive different bonuses throughout the event, with each one lasting four days straight before cycling out for a different effect. The schedule is below:

  • Dec. 18-22: Double candy when catching or transferring
  • Dec. 22-26: Double stardust when catching
  • Dec. 26-30: Double experience when catching
  • Dec. 30-Jan. 2: Incubators that are “twice as effective”

The event’s limited-time Pokémon include Pikachu in a holiday hat, as per tradition; baby Pokémon like Azurill and Smoochum, which will be more commonly found in Eggs; and additional Pokémon from the Sinnoh region, the latest set to appear in-game. (Perhaps these will include Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie, three mythical Pokémon that guard the lakes of Sinnoh. They’re seen in the promotional artwork above.)

Niantic also hinted that a shiny version of the rare seasonal monster Delibird will also stop by on occasion. Delibird first appeared in the game during 2017’s winter holiday campaign, which makes sense; it’s known as the “delivery Pokémon” and always carries around a sack of presents.

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