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Isabelle turns Super Smash Bros. Ultimate into Assist Trophy hell

Dance, my beautiful Waluigis. Dance!

In case you remained unconvinced that Animal Crossing’s Isabelle is one of the greatest additions to the Super Smash Bros. canon, players have found an amazing bug that only works when the perfect Shih Tzu is the sole combatant in a match. See, when at least two Isabelles get together, beautiful chaos happens.

And all they need is a fishing rod and an Assist Trophy.

YouTuber TheAfrowJow uploaded a video over the weekend of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mirror match against a pair of Isabelle. When both players tried to use the perfect pup’s fishing rod to grab at an Assist Trophy, there’s a potential for a glitch that multiplies that Assist Trophy indefinitely. What results is myriad Krystals, or Nintendogs, or Tikis, and so on.

Some of these look like pure Lovecraftian horrors; that Nintendog cluster in particular is more Cronenberg than Nintendo. Watching all the overlapping Assist Trophies wreak havoc on these two beautiful ladies is admittedly hilarious, though, because who doesn’t love some good havoc once in a while?

There are more glitch examples in the video below, including the horrifying Waluigi army that takes over at one point. That alone makes us wonder if Nintendo should, and will, patch this bug out. But as long as you don’t use it for this kind of evil, it’s a fun party trick.

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