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Dreams’ long-awaited first beta begins tomorrow

Subscribers get first dibs on access

Dreams Media Molecule

Media Molecule will finally release the first beta for Dreams, its upcoming create-your-own-game maker, to a select group of users starting tomorrow, Dec. 19. Subscribers to the studio’s newsletter will have first access to the demo, while the general public will be able to take part in a beta starting Jan. 8.

The studio held a livestream on Tuesday afternoon to announce the launch, which it had previously promised would happen before 2018 was up. It’s still possible to join the Media Molecule mailing list as of now, so PlayStation 4 users excited about the game can get in on the early access period. They’ll have until Jan. 21 to check out the creators mode demo, which will focus solely on the creation aspects of the game.

As for Dreams itself, it remains undated. But it is indeed playable, as we discovered at a preview event earlier this year. The game, simply put, is imagination unhinged, and in interactive form. We hope to see more of the LittleBigPlanet studio’s latest work soon.

Update: Media Molecule published an FAQ that gets more specific about how the beta registration process works.

For starters, only those who subscribed to their newsletter prior to Dec. 7 will qualify for the early access period. Latecomers and other curious parties can register for the beta on Jan. 4; participants will receive codes as of Jan. 8.

The beta will also come with an NDA — so no sharing or streaming. But at least creations are expected to carry over to the full game whenever it launches. Other types of progress will not be saved, however.

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