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Life is Strange 2 reveals its connection to Captain Spirit in January

Time to play the free download if you haven’t

Life is Strange 2: Episode Two will launch on Jan. 24, 2019, Square Enix announced this week. To ring in the news, the publisher shared a live-action trailer starring the game’s voice actors. But more exciting than this adaptation of a scene from the game is the promise that the new episode will finally reveal how The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit ties into the larger Life is Strange world.

Square Enix and developer Dontnod Entertainment released The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit in June, shortly after its E3 2018 reveal. Available as a free download, the game is a short, fantastical adventure starring a superhero-obsessed boy named Chris. It takes the gameplay and heavier themes of Life is Strange and applies it to a more abstract setting — one that ended on a cliffhanger.

Beyond that, the connection between Captain Spirit and Life is Strange 2 has not been clear. It sounds like Episode Two will take care of that, based on Square Enix’s description of its events. The chapter will directly follow Episode One, with Sean and Daniel still on the run from the police that believe they murdered their father. But the younger brother, Daniel, falls ill, leading Sean to diverge from their plans to leave the country and take him to their grandparents’ house, in the hopes of finding help.

“There, they encounter next-door neighbour Chris Eriksen, a young boy who believes he has powers eerily similar to Daniel’s, and they come face to face with his superhero alter ego, Captain Spirit,” Square Enix said. “As Daniel and Chris are becoming fast friends, it’s up to Sean to make sure Daniel follows a set of rules they agreed on for his power: Never in public. Never talk about it. Run from danger.

“Can Daniel successfully hide the truth from the people around them, will the temptation to explore the immense power within him be too much, or will he break the rules in a time of need?”

We’ll find out more on Jan. 24, which gives players who skipped the excellent Captain Spirit plenty of time to play it — or replay it — for more clues.

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