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Frostpunk update turns Christmas into torture, but the payoff is wonderful

A quest to save the holidays from oblivion

Frostpunk, from the Polish team at 11 bit studios, is unrelenting and grim. The city-builder is set in an alternate history of 19th century Europe, where the world has been gripped by a kind of nuclear winter. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with some Christmas content?

Called “A Christmas Carol,” the free update launched today. It will download automatically for players. The guts of it are an opt-in quest to throw a lavish Christmas party at the end of the world. If players succeed, the payout is a boost in hope, one of the resources they’re challenged with keeping as high as possible all throughout the game.

They also get access to a beautiful, if spartan, Christmas tree that they can build in their settlement.

The Christmas tree that is unlocked in Frostpunk’s new A Christmas Carol questline.
11 bit studios

A YouTuber by the name of Crystal Dazz has a playthrough of the quest, which they ran on easy mode just to see what happens. Unfortunately, the opt-in dialogue happened even before the first storm had hit their settlement, further taxing their resources while it was just getting up and running.

To accomplish the quest, they had to keep hope over 50 percent and stockpile both food and wood. There was also a mini-quest inside to make toys for the children of the settlement. It was a close run thing, with one of the AI citizens working themselves literally to death, but they got the job done.

If you’ve not tried Frostpunk out yet, you can read more about our impressions from earlier this year.

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