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The final Fallout 76 patch for 2018 fixes two of its biggest bugs on PC

Exiting the game is easier, and item duping should be at at end

A Fallout 76 player poses in front of a Christmas tree. Bethesda Game Studios / Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 76 launched in November, and it hasn’t been easy for the open-world survival title since. The PC edition got its final patch of 2018, and it fixes a couple of the game’s biggest remaining bugs before we head into 2019 and the upcoming launch of weekly events.

The patch (again, only for the PC; console editions are unchanged) is nice and small, but should hopefully have a decent impact on the game. First, Korean language support has been added to Fallout 76, so if your language is set to Korean you’ll have a slightly larger patch.

Second, there are a few bug fixes. The biggest of these is that the developers have “addressed an issue that could cause the game client to crash after selecting Exit to Desktop”. This was a huge pain, and I’ll be glad to see it gone; the game would be closed, but continue to suck up memory until I opened Task Manager and closed the entire Bethesda game launcher.

Bethesda Game Studios also “addressed an exploit that could allow items to be duplicated.” That’s a promising start, and it makes sense that Bethesda doesn’t want to give a lot of details on the method ... but it remains to be seen whether this fix will change all of the ways players had puzzled out to dupe items, and what will happen to the flood of duped items already out there in Appalachia.

In mid-January, Bethesda aims to release another patch full of fixes to perk cards, the lever-action rifle reload animation, and robots duplicating at the Whitesprings. There’s also a new mode incoming where you can “work together, or not, without PVP restrictions.” That’s a little vague, but we can expect more details before its launch sometime in the first quarter of the year.

Full patch notes can be found on the official Fallout site. The latest Inside the Vault blog post also shares the full details on January development for Fallout 76.

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