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Persona 5’s Joker lands Catherine crossover

Joker adds another credit to his list

Atlus is mashing up Persona 5 with another one of its games: Catherine: Full Body, the upcoming remaster of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game. Turns out Joker, the Phantom Thief who stars in the most recent Persona, will be playable in Catherine: Full Body as well.

The developer first announced his inclusion back in September, but there’s now gameplay of Joker climbing the nightmare towers that plague Catherine’s main hero, Vincent. Catherine is a puzzle-platformer at its heart, requiring players to run up a never-ending tower where blocks must be rearranged in order to progress. Joker, a speedy Phantom Thief, appears to make quick work of them.

Catherine: Full Body will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita sometime next year, which means 2019 will really be a big one for the Persona 5 crew. Along with his Catherine appearance — which appears limited to the puzzle trials, which are also playable outside of the main story campaign — Joker will be a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That news came during The Game Awards earlier this month, when a beautiful trailer ended with the surprise reveal that our favorite Persona protag would be coming to Smash.

No word yet on when he’ll appear as DLC quite yet, though — or when Catherine: Full Body will launch in the West.

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