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Anthem stream shows new Interceptor, dungeon gameplay

Raids won’t make the launch date, but aspirational content will come eventually for hardcore players

Anthem, out in February, is coming up quick. Leading up to the release, EA and BioWare have been streaming pieces of the game on the official Anthem Twitch channel. This week, lead producers Mike Gamble, Ben Irving and game director Jon Warner are showing off some gameplay of the Interceptor Javelin — the game’s Rogue equivalent — and Strongholds, Anthem’s dungeons.

The Temple of the Scar seems pretty similar to dungeons in World of Warcraft or Strikes in Destiny. It consists of several rooms where the crew simply dispatched enemies in groups. Small objectives like carrying explosive devices around would follow, but usually not until after the enemies had all been cleared. The development team put down their controllers and shut the stream off before the final boss fight, saying they want to save it for player’s to experience instead.

Toward the end of the stream, the team answers a few questions regarding the game’s end-game content. Strongholds will have matchmaking for all players, letting those without a concrete group find a squad of pals to play with every time they want to grind. Full teams of four can of course engage with activity without using matchmaking at all.

The team also reveals that raids will not be part of the game’s initial launch. However, Irving is adamant that players will have aspirational content to chase as they reach the endgame. Warner adds that, while they don’t have something they internally call “raids,” they do have endgame pursuits that will launch shortly after the game itself, giving hardcore players something to do with all their fancy gear.

Anthem launches on Feb. 22, 2019.

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