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Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.5 has new story quests — and FF12’s Fran

Is that her? The beloved Viera from Final Fantasy 12?

A trailer for Final Fantasy 14’s patch 4.5 dropped Friday morning, showing off the long-awaited contents, including main scenario quest cutscenes, a new boss in action and the legs (yes, legs) of a long-awaited character.

The war against the Empire rages on in this update, and it seems like certain members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are having a hard time keeping it together, especially with their leader, Alphinaud, missing.

More excitingly Fran, a character from Final Fantasy 12, is also seen briefly — though we only see her legs. The armor in the trailer exactly matches hers as well. FF14 producer Naoki Yoshida noted earlier this year that players would see a hint at the new playable race that’s coming soon in patch 4.5. It’s now even more likely that players will be able to make Viera characters when the new expansion, Shadowbringers, launches in summer 2019.

The game’s developers released the new trailer during a keynote talk, during which they also described patch 4.5’s contents in more detail. Several important updates announced during the 2018 Fan Festival will appear in this patch, including a new job, Blue Mage. Blue Mage will be in the first part of patch 4.5, arriving one week after the patch launches. In this update also comes a new alliance raid, dungeon, cosmetics and the update to the main story quests.

Part two of the patch will launch in late March 2019, and will contain more main story quests and the big changes to data centers due to overcrowding. Servers within data centers will be split and rearranged, and later, there will be an option to jump between servers that are in the same data centers. So if you ever wanted to visit your far-off friends outside of dungeons, you’ll be able to do that soon.

Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.5’s first part will launch Jan. 8, 2019 on Mac, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

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