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Fallout 76 players will get free Fallout games on PC

Bethesda will hand out three classic Fallout games in January

Four players stand in multicolored Power Armor in a screenshot from Fallout 76 Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout 76 players will get some free Fallout next year for their troubles. Bethesda Softworks said on Twitter yesterday that it’s giving players, both on console and PC, the Fallout Classic Collection for free if they’ve played Fallout 76 at any point this year.

The Fallout Classic Collection includes the original Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. The games are available on PC, but not on console, though they should run on just about any Windows PC built in the past two decades.

The Fallout Classic Collection typically sells for $19.99 on Steam. It’s currently on sale for $5.99 on Valve’s store as part of the ongoing Steam Winter Sale. Bethesda is also including the Fallout Classic Collection with purchases of Fallout 76 through its digital store. The online role-playing game is currently on sale for $39.99.

Fallout 76 launched in November to mixed response. Some of us disliked it considerably, while other Polygon writers had fun with the game, warts and all.

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