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One-Punch Man season 2 finally has a trailer and a release date

This trailer arrives three years after the first season debut

One-Punch Man, the anime and manga series about Earth’s strongest hero who can defeat his enemies in just one punch, is finally ready to return with a second season of the anime — more than three years after its first debuted.

One-Punch Man follows the heroic adventures of Saitama, who was once a normal person, but after training for three years became the strongest superhero on the planet. Originally positioned as a simple parody of other Shonen manga series, like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, it quickly became clear that the series was as interesting as any other Shonen, despite the fact that each battle only lasted until Saitama threw his first punch.

The series, written and illustrated by someone who simply calls themselves One, started out as a self-published web comic. Thanks to its overwhelming popularity, however, it was quickly picked up by Jump, given a professional artist and published as a part of the company’s Young Jump Web Comics site in Japan. The official English version of the series is licensed by Viz Media, which publishes the series in its Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine.

In 2015, the first season of the One-Punch Man anime debuted to critical and cultural success, hailed as one of the best anime seasons of all time. With all this acclaim a second season seemed sure to follow, but production was delayed for unknown reasons. After the production stalled for nearly two years, it was announced that Madhouse, the acclaimed studio behind the first season, and series like Death Note and movies like Paprika and Perfect Blue, would not be working on the second season of the anime.

Instead animation for the second season is being handled by J.C. Staff, a studio best known for Food Wars! and Toradora! Meanwhile, direction of season two will be overseen by Chikara Sakurai, who has previously worked on several of the Naruto: Shippuuden movies. The trailer for One-Punch Man’s second season is light on story details, but promises the return of the first season’s main characters and teases the introduction of a new villain, Garou who is known as Earth’s strongest fighter and was briefly mentioned near the end of season one.

One-Punch Man season two will debut sometime in April 2019, though it isn’t clear yet what platforms and streaming services it will be available on.

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