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GTA Online has its own version of Rocket League now

Bomb Ball now playable as part of Rockstar’s Arena War update

Grand Theft Auto 5 players can enjoy car soccer without having to fire up Rocket League, thanks to a new mode in Grand Theft Auto Online. Bomb Ball, part of the Arena War update for GTA Online that went live earlier this week, offers a more explosive take on car combat sports.

While Rocket League is a good natured, non-violent car-based sport, Rockstar’s implementation infuses a lot more Mad Max into the formula. Here’s how Rockstar describes Bomb Ball in its update about GTA Online’s festive holiday updates:

Let’s face it: although you can get behind the naked aggression and anarchic mob-rule, you’ve never truly understood the rules of soccer. Well, new Arena War Mode Bomb Ball gets rid of all those fussy technicalities and restrictions on violence, and boils things down to the real heart of the matter: shoving enormous explosive devices into the other team’s half before they go off. Welcome to the beautiful game.

And here’s a sneak peek of some Bomb Ball carnage via Rockstar’s Twitter account:

Bomb Ball joins seven other Arena War modes, which run the gamut from capture the flag (with vehicles) to one-on-one deathmatch to trap-laden destruction derby races.

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