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Merry Christmas from Neo Yokio, Netflix’s weirdest cartoon

The Jaden Smith-starring ‘anime’ makes a special return

Remember Neo Yokio? It won people over with its handful of social media-tailored goofs, and not so much with the show itself. But that won’t stop Netflix from bringing back the Jaden Smith-Ezra Koenig co-production, which will return for a Christmas special later this week.

Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas reintroduces us to disaffected rich boy Kaz Kaan, who is also one of the strongest fighters in the city of Neo Yokio. The Kaan family is also a pack of demon hunters, leaving Kaz to not only expel them the city, but also navigate being a disaffected rich boy.

The trailer above shows that we’re in for much of the same weirdness as the original season, which combined a very specific set of humor with a very specific set of anime-inspired fighting. It looks like Pink Christmas will push itself a little further than Neo Yokio season one on the animation side, which is nice to see.

Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend fame created the series, which ran in mid-2017 on Netflix for just six episodes. Jaden Smith helped further bring attention to Neo Yokio, as did the rest of the surprisingly famous cast: Jude Law voices his robot butler; Susan Sarandon is his aunt; and Desus and Mero basically play themselves.

Pink Christmas will premiere this Friday, Dec. 7.