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Why Destiny 2’s newest Guardian is such a big deal

Spoiler alert


Destiny 2’s story has taken some interesting turns recently. With the death of Cayde-6 in Forsaken, players have been left to fight the darkness without one of their greatest allies. And with Oryx’s sister Savathun lurking in the background, it’s never been a more dangerous time to be a Guardian. Players need allies now more than ever.

A leaked cutscene pulled from the files of Destiny 2: Black Armory has revealed a new Guardian that’ll be joining the fight for the Light very soon. And that addition to the cast is a very big deal.

[Warning: The rest of this post contains massive spoilers for the future of Destiny.]

The cutscene follows a ghost wearing a Wish-Maker shell through the Dreaming City. Most players believe this ghost to be Pulled Pork — a ghost that has been looking for a Guardian for ages. As the ghost floats around the world, it’s scanning the environment — much like our own Ghost scanned around for us at the start of Destiny.

For those who aren’t familiar with this process, the ghosts — including our Ghost and Pulled Pork here — are fragments of the Traveler, the herald of Light that floats above the city. When the Traveler went dormant, these ghosts were sent out to find Guardians to wield the Light against the Darkness.

So the ghosts fly around the universe looking for dead bodies, scanning them for potential. When a ghost finds a body they believe could be a great hero of the Light, they use their power to resurrect them. Guardians are all non-flesh-eating zombies, essentially.

Back to Pulled Pork, the cutscene shows him float up to a body under a sheet, under a ceremonial pavilion. The ghost scans the body, gets excited and enters into the revival animation. There is a gasp of air and the body shoots up, with the sheet falling to the side.

[Warning: Seriously, this is a very big spoiler and pretty cool scene. Last warning!]


The body is revealed to be Uldren Sov, Prince of the Awoken, brother to Queen Mara Sov, father to the undead Fallen known as the Scorn and the killer of Cayde-6. After Uldren pops up, he looks at his hands in awe and the cutscene ends.

If you’ve played Forsaken, this probably already seems like a pretty big deal to you. But in case you haven’t, let’s recap the last few months of Uldren’s life as a non-Guardian.

Under the influence of Riven — an Ahamkara and the final boss of the Last Wish raid — Uldren broke the Scorn out of prison to help him regain entry to the Awoken’s holy Dreaming City in an attempt to save his sister. At the gates of the city, things go horribly for Uldren when he’s eaten by a Taken Servitor, also under the control of Riven. After we kill the Taken Servitor and Uldren is released, both the player Guardian and Petra Venj take aim at Uldren and two shots are heard off-screen.

With Uldren alive again, there are some serious things to consider, namely what he’ll remember and what others will think of him.

What does this mean for Destiny?

Let’s start with Uldren, since it’s pretty simple. When Uldren wakes up, he’ll likely remember nothing at all. While Guardians remember their life as a Guardian — including each painful death — they don’t remember anything about who they were as mortals. In fact, Zavala has banned Guardians from trying to discover who they were before they were resurrected.

When Uldren inevitably returns to the Tower on Earth — the home of all Guardians — he won’t remember a thing about himself, possibly not even his name. As far as classes — remember, each Guardian is resurrected as either a Titan, Warlock or Hunter — it seems fairly obvious that Uldren will be a new Hunter. Not only is he wearing a poncho, which is more important than you might think, but he fits the general build of smug, athletic and relatively charming.

In regards to Uldren, the only question left is: Why? Why did Pulled Pork choose Uldren? This ghost has been wondering around forever trying to find a Guardian and he picks one of the biggest bads we’ve seen in the game?

Well, first it’s important to remember that Uldren was under the influence of a foreign body; he wasn’t in a particularly good place at the start of Forsaken, or at the end for that matter. But even before that, he was a pretty big jackass in Destiny, so why him? While Guardians have gone bad in the past, the resurrection of Uldren means that his ghost sees something in him at the very least, some shred of warrior that could be an ally to the Light.

The potential that Pulled Pork sees in Uldren is likely how things’ll get smoothed out when Uldren returns to the Tower and all hell will break loose. Just because Uldren doesn’t know who he is doesn’t mean that we don’t. Uldren is one of the most hated men in the galaxy after what he did to Cayde-6, so when he returns to the Tower, Zavala, Ikora, our Guardian and the rest of the NPCs are going to have some serious questions for him — questions that he won’t be able to answer.

The likelihood that Uldren gets killed and resurrected a few times during his return seems pretty high, with most of the citizens gunning for him. But ultimately, Uldren isn’t Uldren anymore. While he’ll likely keep that name and aspects of his personality, his history will all be erased and he’ll be a new character entirely.

Destiny 2: Forsaken - artwork of Prince Uldren Sov and the Barons Image: Bungie, High Moon Studios/Activision

This is a really exciting aspect of Guardians for Bungie to explore in the next several months — as the only real resurrection story we’ve seen in game has been our own. Uldren is a known quantity, and now we’ll have to try and leave all that baggage behind and judge him as the Guardian he is now, not the murderer he was a few months ago.

However, there is one small caveat to all of this, something that could complicate matters even further. In the Ace in the Hole mission — where we hear out Cayde-6’s last will and testament and collect the pieces for Ace of Spades — Cayde bequeaths the position of Hunter Vanguard to the Hunter that kills him.

While Uldren wasn’t a Hunter at the time, this will likely still apply to him. It seems like Zavala and Ikora will find themselves with Uldren as their third fireteam member — the man who killed their best friend. The entire Uldren scenario has some serious potential for causing drama in the Tower, but if he immediately becomes the Hunter Vanguard, then things will get hot very quickly indeed.

Ultimately, this is still a leaked cutscene. While the cutscene itself is too good to be faked, we don’t really know when it’ll appear in game, or what will trigger it. All we know now is that Uldren is going to ruffle some feathers come resurrection day, and it’s potentially one of the most exciting story beats we’ve ever seen in Destiny.

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