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Fortnite Creative to launch tomorrow for Battle Pass owners

One of the world’s biggest games is getting a huge new mode

Epic Games has made the leak official: the new Fortnite Creative mode will be released on Dec. 6 for Battle Pass owners, and all players will get access to their own private islands on Dec. 13.

“Design games, race around the island, battle your friends in new ways and build your dream Fortnite,” the Fortnite team wrote in the official announcement. “It’s all happening on your own private island where everything you make is saved.”

You can watch a trailer at the top of this post; it looks wild. While more information about the Fortnite Creative will be released in the coming weeks, Epic has already met with a number of YouTubers to prepare videos explaining the mode and its features. Here is the full list of the English-language videos available now:

It was Lachlan’s video that was released ahead of schedule, breaking the news about this mode and providing everyone with the first details about what to expect.

Epic Games seems to have done a great job making sure the mode is accessible for players of various skill levels, while also offering enough options to make it worthwhile for fans that want to make serious new creations. You can bring in pre-built structures or obstacle courses from the pre-fab menu, or spawn in a materials gallery if you’d like to start from scratch.

Another interesting tease happens during BajanCanadian’s video, where he notes that you’ll be able to spawn vehicles using the devices menu, but due to some incoming surprises, he can’t actually show you that menu yet. You can already see still-unannounced items like new traps — such as electric fences and ice sheets or oil slicks — in the video too, along with the ability to spawn your own chests and loot llamas and fill them with whatever you’d like.

The possibilities here feel limitless, even if Epic Games is warning that the initial release is going to be “rough.” Sharing your own maps and game modes, or just using the tools to create wild videos, is going to go a long way toward keeping Fortnite fresh for the foreseeable future. The community of players and content creators is about to get a powerful new tool, and it’s going to be exciting to see what they do with it.