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BioWare veteran Mike Laidlaw joins Ubisoft

BioWare veteran Mike Laidlaw says he’s on a ‘not-yet-announced’ project at Ubisoft Quebec

a publicity photo of Mike Laidlaw, who wears glasses and has a beard
Mike Laidlaw
Jerome Bourque/Ubisoft
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Mike Laidlaw, the longtime BioWare creative director who left the studio about a year ago, has joined Ubisoft’s Quebec City studio in the same role.

Laidlaw announced the new gig this morning on LinkedIn, and said he will be working on “a not-yet-announced project” for Ubisoft. This follows a year in which Laidlaw had been working as a consultant for other developers.

One such project was Waylanders, an indie role-playing game successfully funded on Kickstarter this summer, which recently hired Emily Grace Buck as a scriptwriter; Buck was a narrative designer for Telltale Games on its Batman line, and among the many let go when that studio went bust at the end of September.

Laidlaw indicated that he joined Ubisoft Quebec after consulting there.

“In my months working with the team here, I’ve been really impressed with the combination of passion and raw talent in the studio,” he wrote. He couldn’t give any details of what was forthcoming. Ubisoft Quebec’s most recently published work was Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which launched in October.

Laidlaw had been at BioWare for 14 years before leaving in October 2017. He was known for his work on Jade Empire and the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises.

BioWare has since moved on to complete Anthem, the multiplayer action role-playing game due in February, and teased that a new Dragon Age game may be announced soon.