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Prey’s multiplayer expansion, Typhon Hunter, launches next week

Hunt up to five others in a jump-scare mode

Prey’s multiplayer mode, Typhon Hunter, will launch on Dec. 11, publisher Bethesda Softworks announced today. The update will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

In Typhon Hunter, six players will compete in a mode that has one, as Morgan Yu, hunting five Mimics, who can disguise themselves and attack for maximum jump scares. The Morgan character must kill all five mimics before a timer runs out.

Bethesda will launch Typhon Hunter VR in January, for PlayStation VR and Windows PC. In that, players will be able to play both the multiplayer Typhon Hunter mode in virtual reality as well as TranStar VR, which is a single-player escape room experience set aboard Talos I.

Those who bought either the Digital Deluxe Edition of Prey, or upgraded the 2017 game with the Mooncrash expansion that launched in June 2018, will get the Typhon Hunter update for free. Players will need one or the other to play Typhon Hunter. The Mooncrash upgrade, which added a roguelike mode to the game, costs $19.99 for owners of Prey, and the Digital Deluxe version is $39.99. It contains all of the updates.

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